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There are many great games for the BBC Micro. A couple of my favorites:

Elite The original space trading game. Check out Ian Bell's Elite Page
Exile Graphical adventure from Superior Interactive that pushes the capabilities of the Beeb to the limit.

When you download disc or tape images, unzip them (if necessary) and put the files in the DiscIms or Tapes folders in your ...\Documents\BeebEm area.

Some sites where you can download more game images:

Complete BBC Micro Games Archive Huge collection of BBC Micro games
Stairway To Hell Disc and Tapes images are available in the Software section
Only the Best BBC Micro Games Great selection of the more popular games


OddJob is a game that I wrote in 1986. It was never released but it is quite fun to play (if a little difficult!). There are 8 levels to complete and they increase in size as you progress. Level 7 is the largest, see the map below. If you manage to complete all 8 levels there is a cool animated finale!

Download OddJob: OddJob.ssd

The monster level 7!

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